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A Novel by Tabitha Hergest

Comments from Readers

There are some books of historical fiction which fail to be as convincing as they might be. Some use language not fitting to the period, or else some other anachronism is brought to bear the reader to some other time period, more usually closer to the present day. Then, there are those authors who, inspired more by fantasy adventures, from Lord of the Rings to World of Warcraft, take things to the opposite extreme, and what might be an enjoyable sojourn into a believable past, becomes an irritating jaunt into some dystopian neverland.

Tabitha Hergest, however, manages to capture the likely essence of early Iron Age British life - and she manages to anchor it to the modern day quite superbly, without ruining the run of the piece. Drawing on the work of archaeologists such as Dr Francis Pryor, she is able to construct a faultless facsimile of an ancient hill fort, situated on the modern Hampstead Heath, in the mind of the reader, and what appears to be an encyclopaedic knowledge of ancient Druidic practices makes for a thoroughly convincing segue into the magical (majickal?) premises for the tale.
The Thirteen Treasures themselves appear to be both of literal and metaphorical importance for, whilst they are of inestimable value in the vital quest, they also tell a coming-of-age story.

So there you are: a gripping tale with action a-plenty, human interest with good character portrayal, and twists that will make your eyes water! 



Prologue: The Picts

Chapter One: The Awakening

Chapter Two: The Quickening

Chapter Three: The Maturing

Chapter Four: The Understanding

Chapter Five: The Gathering

Chapter Six: The King

Chapter Seven: The Shock of the New

Chapter Eight: The First Test

Chapter Nine: The Initiation of Rhiannon

Chapter Ten: The Complete Set

Chapter Eleven: The Dreaming

Chapter Twelve: The Revival

Chapter Thirteen: The Calm After the Storm