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A Novel by Tabitha Hergest

The Birth of a Saga

"Thirteen" is the first book in what will, in time, become a saga.

Rhiannon, the young Catuvellauni princess whose upbringing saw her frequent the streets of modern London, is just the first character whose life we explore in this gripping series of twists and surprises.  But where to next?  Shall we, for instance, visit Ranhaddfa of Rheged, the Grand Matriarch of the tribe, back in her stone-age existence, and watch her defeat the Picts and establish independence for her people?  Or perhaps watch in horror as the rot sets into the tribal fortunes as their wealth and the glare of gold blinds them to the spiritual reality all must heed who aspire to true happiness?  Maybe we'll go onto the scions of Rhiannon, and see how they fare against the festering resentment engendered by superior strength?

All will be revealed, in time.  Which book would you like to see next?

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Prologue: The Picts

Chapter One: The Awakening

Chapter Two: The Quickening

Chapter Three: The Maturing

Chapter Four: The Understanding

Chapter Five: The Gathering

Chapter Six: The King

Chapter Seven: The Shock of the New

Chapter Eight: The First Test

Chapter Nine: The Initiation of Rhiannon

Chapter Ten: The Complete Set

Chapter Eleven: The Dreaming

Chapter Twelve: The Revival

Chapter Thirteen: The Calm After the Storm

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