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A Novel by Tabitha Hergest

And Now In Glorious Decibels!

Coming right up - or as soon as the techno-goblins are paid off to go and bother someone else - all thirteen chapters of the book will be available to listen to.  Andrew Gruffudd, the narrator, isn't exactly Richard Burton, but at least he's Welsh, which means that words such as Llawfrodedd and Dynedd and Padarn Beisrudd won't be mangled too much.

It's just another option for those who want to consume the fabulous writings of Tabitha Hergest and, at less than £1 per individual chapter, and less than that for the whole book, who wouldn't?

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Prologue: The Picts

Chapter One: The Awakening

Chapter Two: The Quickening

Chapter Three: The Maturing

Chapter Four: The Understanding

Chapter Five: The Gathering

Chapter Six: The King

Chapter Seven: The Shock of the New

Chapter Eight: The First Test

Chapter Nine: The Initiation of Rhiannon

Chapter Ten: The Complete Set

Chapter Eleven: The Dreaming

Chapter Twelve: The Revival

Chapter Thirteen: The Calm After the Storm

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