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A Novel by Tabitha Hergest

Enter an Exciting World of Majick and Mystery

Thirteen e-book

"It Began with a Dream..."

Thirteen is the new novel by journalist, writer, artist, Wise Woman, Brython and tree-fetishist Tabitha Hergest.

The first book in a saga, it is an exciting coming-of-age story set in the early Iron Age, formed around the legend of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain.  Filled with references from Brythonic folklore (for which much thanks to the Troubadours of Albion) and archaeological pointers - with great thanks to the inestimable work of Dr Francis Pryor, expert in the period - as well as tying in with modern-day London, it is sure to excite, inform and entertain all who read it.

Rhiannon is a gauche fifteen-year-old from modern-day London.  Her mother - her real mother, also Rhiannon - is Queen of the Catuvellauni tribe in the early Iron Age hill-fort, Caer Lludd, now Hampstead Heath.  Through a fascinating tale of ancient majick*, determination and love, the gauche fifteen-year-old becomes a seventeen year-old fearsome warrior princess, a journey of some three thousand years back into the time of legend, signposted by the gathering of the Thirteen Treasures, as foretold by augury.

But also, we learn the timeless wisdom of the ancients, for such stands us in good stead in this modern era.  Wisdom "is the garment, where...understanding is pieced together to form the articles which serve us well, which drive out the cold of the bitterest winters or, if needs be, shelter us from the searing heat of the hottest sun" (Chapter Four: The Understanding), as opposed to knowledge - the distaff of wool - and understanding, the cloth made therefrom.


*Majick, or cunning: that source of power which, for reasons of safety, is not generally known, but which is nonetheless real.  Spelled thus to differentiate from the magic of the stage illusionist and the magick of Aleister Crowley, et al.


Prologue: The Picts

Chapter One: The Awakening

Chapter Two: The Quickening

Chapter Three: The Maturing

Chapter Four: The Understanding

Chapter Five: The Gathering

Chapter Six: The King

Chapter Seven: The Shock of the New

Chapter Eight: The First Test

Chapter Nine: The Initiation of Rhiannon

Chapter Ten: The Complete Set

Chapter Eleven: The Dreaming

Chapter Twelve: The Revival

Chapter Thirteen: The Calm After the Storm